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Date: 2002-12-06 14:11:25

Hi Levente, wrote:
> Here's the story. I've won an eBay auction. The seller is from the U.K. I
> sent him the payment in cash, in a registered mail, but the envelope has
> been opened somewhere and part of the money has been stolen :-/.

> (Not too relevant to the story, but I couldn't send cash to anyone by mail
> since I moved to Budapest. Some people must make a game by inspecting
> international mail and stealing what they can).

Once a letter addressed to me has also been opened, but the money was still 
in there. Maybe they looked for something else inside those sheets of 
aluminum foil. So I guess it's not a good idea to make the letter completely 

> If someone did me a favour, by sending him the remaining less than 10£ in
> subject, that I could (together with its expenses) transfer to him/her
> either by Western Union, bank transfer, postal money order directly by
> debit card, in whatever currency, this help would be very appreciated :-).

If it helps, you can give money to Joe Forster (also in Budapest) and then 
have it "transferred" to me, without costs. But then the money is only inside 
Germany, and I don't have a paypal account. But I could transfer the money to 
another German without costs and then *he* could do the paypal stuff? Anyone 
with a paypal account here?

Another option would be to ask Richard Atkinson if he can send the money 
inside the UK. I owe him some money anyways and if he doesn't mind if I owe 
him some more? Richard, are you still on this list?


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