C2n232 between C128 and PC.

From: Juergen Sievers (juergen.sievers_at_NADINE-Software.com)
Date: 2002-12-05 05:59:35

Hi crowd of earth!

I tried to connect a C128 to a PC running under Wiedoof 98 but the C= system
hangs after service was downloaded and used.
Downloading the server using "c2n -c comX blasé.c2n" works fine. So after I
had started the service on the C= I get back a kindly ready as far as good.
But if I wrote a file to the 1570 connected to the C= from the PC side using
"cbmlink -c c2n232 conX -fw troet.prg" then the keyboard on the C= blocks
until resetting. After restarting the C= I can find some cryptic stuff on

Does someone know  the solution for  this problem ?

Regards j.

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