RE: C128 BOOT Bug?
Date: 2002-12-04 08:05:48

>> Any suggestions appreciated. The only thought I had was that the code
>> to be in the Track1 Sector0 format to BOOT on all machines.

>That's the way I've done it, and my flat 128 (the machine I was using at
>the time) seemed to work fine with it.

Thanks some generic boot sector code at the end of this email, but as I
actually want the whole program to exist in the $0b00 location, how do I
make the C128 not go searching for a file on disk?

- Nick


     $00 - CBM              ;signature
     $03 - $00,$10,$00,$01  ;other BOOT sector
                                            :starts at $1000, Bank 0
                                            :one block in size 
     $07 - NAME,$00         ;message "NAME",delimiter 
     $0c - PROGRAM,$00      ;filename,delimiter  
     $24 - $a2,$2b          ;ldx #$2b       :set pointer to start of  
     $26 - $a0,$0b          ;ldy #$0b       :line of Basic ($0b2b) and 
     $28 - $4c,$a5,$af      ;jmp $afa5      :Jump to routine at $afa5 
     $2b - RUN"PROGRAM"     ;line of Basic data  
     $36 - $00              ;zero byte delimiter


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