Re: Nice auction on ebay

From: John Fernandez, Jr. (
Date: 2002-12-03 01:25:13

On 2 Dec 2002, at 13:24, Raymond C. Bryan wrote:

> >The top-left corner picture of the image
> >
> >clearly shows a "C= Commodore 64" label with the new ugly font.  The
> >original label said "C= commodore 64" or "C= commodore".  So, I'd believe
> >it's a 64G case.

I emailed the person and he sent an attachment of the bottom of 
the computer, it has on it:

C= Commodore
Funkentstort n. DBP-VFG   1046/84
5v= ; 9v ~  15w
Ser.No.DA4   171492
Made in W. - Germany

Hope that helps someone in identifing his computer.

John F.

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