Re: msd drive copying
Date: 2002-11-26 07:11:55

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<< msd drive.  this one has the chip in it so when you turn it on with the 
computer, then can disconnect it from the computer and copy disks >>
     If the MSD SD-2 drive has the copying chips in it, it doesn't have to be 
hooked to the computer to start copying.  Before turning on the drive, just 
partially insert the source disk in drive 0 and partially insert the disk to 
receive the copy in drive 1, turn on, and when the green light starts 
blinking, fully insert and lock first the source disk, then the disk to 
receive the copy.  Copying will begin.
     If the drive does not contain the copying chips, the Fast Hack'em copy 
program can be used to start the copying, then the drive can unhooked.


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