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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2002-11-24 20:56:37

It came out before the VIC or 64, it ewas a vectorgraphic game (like
asteroids) and the sounds were very clear, especially that *crack* sound
when your ship got hit.

Found a link, 1981,

I had thought the VIC-20 was a way better version but the 64 version I
was comparing it to is from that Ultimax collection, and I believe there
is a difference between the 64 cart and the Ultimax.  Though in general
I appreciated the paddle option on the game as the original arcade used
a spinner for directional control.

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Yesterday evening, I watched the German detective series "Der Alte" on TV.
> The episode was called "Der Zeuge".  There was a scene where a photographer
> was sitting in a bar when he got a telephone call.  After the call, the
> man went to the door and was shot from a car.
> While the man was talking on the phone, there was a familiar sound on the
> background.  First the shooting sounds from the Bally Midway game Omega Race,
> then the melody that is played when the screen becomes cleared from the
> moving enemies.  I had the feeling that the sounds were "better" than on the
> VIC-20 or C64.  When was this game released as an arcade game?  I don't think
> that the episode was very old - at most some 10 years.
>         Marko
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