6510/8500 Opcodes in hex?

From: Scott McDonnell (simstoolbox_at_attbi.com)
Date: 2002-11-23 18:58:50

Pardon me if this question seems silly (just started computer engineering in
college) but I am looking to modify the hex dumps of the C64/SX64 kernels
and basic ROMs. Basically, I wish to do things similar to what the SX-64
does with the C64 basic (remove the tape routines and default to device 8.)
I have the hex dumps of all the ROMs, but really need a list of opcodes in
hex to decipher it all. For example:

0x08 = jmp or similar

Is there either a list, or a good disassembly/tutorial analysing the ROMs'
layout? Perhaps explaining a bit about it's structure as well?

Making any sense?

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