Re: PET disk drive interface

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-11-22 00:00:33

>>>>> "bp" == bruce phipps <> writes:

bp> Apologies if this question has been discussed before, but is it
bp> possible to use a PET with a 1541 disk drive? I'm guessing there's
bp> a problem of interface compatibility as looking at the 1541 (which
bp> I'm not familiar with) it has an "IEC" interface and not an
bp> IEEE488 one, so at the very least, some sort of converter would be
bp> needed. Is this true?

André Fachat designed a IEEE-488 <-> IEC interface, I believe he has
the schematics on the web. Requires two driver chips that you probably
won't find though. The 64'er schematics were for converting the 1541
to IEEE-488, and I think they also published schematics for an IEEE
interface for the C64.

The best solution is probably to get an MSD SD-2 -- it has both
IEEE-488 and IEC connectors on the back, and is 1541 compatible. The
other option would be a 20/30/4040 or 2031 drive, which can all read
1541 disks (and vice versa).

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