NIXDORF Mo13 on C18; Was Free C64 in the UK

From: Juergen Sievers (
Date: 2002-11-16 19:05:53


last day I got a C128 and a SIEMENS/NIXDORF MO13 colour monitor.

This monitor has a lot of connector for various input signals.
One of these is a standard TTL (9p Sub-D m) connect which works
proper on the 80 character mode. The others are called "analog",
an 25p Sub-D m connector, and at last a Vido connector.

What I'm wanting to know is the connector pin-out from the "analog"
connector. It looks like a normal PC parallel or printer port.

Has anybody such information or a copy of the manual for this old monitor
for me?


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> Betreff: Free C64 in the UK
> I was contacted by someone in the UK whose wife wants to get rid
> of his old
> Commodore 64 equipment:
> > I live in the south of England (Bedford town in Bedfordshire); my

We are needing water, cool clear and good water and, may be, sometimes

> > daughter lives near Newcastle Upon Tyne (Gateshead)
> > and I'll be visiting her again middle of December (before Christmas).
> > If any of your contacts are interested,  it is free.

It is free from germany too, isn't it?
mfg j:)
> If you think you can give this nice computer a caring home :-), please
> contact me.
> 	Marko
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