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From: Juergen Sievers (
Date: 2002-11-13 01:55:23

Hallo you

My name is Juergen Sievers from Hamburg Germany.

I have joined me to this list because I got  a old PET and 
I want to be up to date about this nice device. I heard about 
this group from Marko as I bought a C2N232-Interface from 
him and we had some trouble with my PET. You may have seen this 
thread on this list the last  few days. 

I bought my first computer at 1980. It was a CMB 2001N16 and 
very expensive but I was infected from such technically toys 
and so I had sell my motor-bike to got the money for it.

I think that tells all about me to you. In particular if you 
know that my girlfriend had driving away on the bike too. She 
furious had said: "I likes wild bike-tours and parties and 
absolutely sure  no computer Freaks.

PS: Sorry about my English. All languages except assembler, 
    C and C++ are arcane to me.

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