UCUGA 2003

Date: 2002-11-06 08:52:12

     This is to announce that the United Commodore User Groups Association 
(UCUGA) is committed to another 12 monthly issues of the Commodore Digest.
     As with the previous year, the goal is a wide range of material which 
reflects the many interests within the Commodore community.
     Some of the subjects covered in past issues include WiNGS OS, geoDOS, 
programming the tax return, Retro Replay cartridge, Serial Slave, HD-DOS+, 
geoShell, X-1541 cable, VGA converters, PC board design on the Commodore, 
IDE64 interface, FLI, beginning geoPublish, adapting ethernet technology to 
the Commodore, programming ciphers, how to build a light pen, smart mouse 
repair, bridging MS-DOS<>CBM-DOS, making $ with the Commodore, Micromys PS/2 
mouse adapter, printer repair, encryption programming, expo reports, an 
accounting array and other type-in listings.

   Membership in UCUGA is open to both User Groups and individuals.

   User Group membership in UCUGA is $25 per year U.S. & Canada ($35
otherwise).  Group membership gives the Group space in the Commodore Digest,
UCUGA's monthly hardcopy newsletter, for reporting local activities.  The
Group will receive one issue of the Commodore Digest each month.  The User
Group can utilize the Digest as their local newsletter by copying and
distributing it.  Or, for about the same cost of copying & stamps, the Group
can provide their members with individual memberships in UCUGA.

   Individual membership in UCUGA is $15 per year U.S. & Canada ($25
otherwise).  Individual members will directly receive monthly issues of the
Commodore Digest.

Make checks payable to: Rolf L. miller
Mail to: Rolf L. Miller, 492 Anacapa St, Ventura CA 93001
And, of course, include your mailing address -- and an e-mail address if

   It is not the intention of UCUGA to create a profit.  Therefore, if
publication of the Commodore Digest ceases for any reason, a prorata refund
of dues will be made.

   All memberships begin in January and dues are payable the first of the
year.  Those joining after the first of the year can choose to receive all
issues from January or pay proportional dues for the remainder of the year.

   Multi-year memberships are not offered or accepted.  All funds received
other than dues or excess amounts are considered donations.

   The Commodore Digest will be published monthly by UCUGA beginning
January 2002.  Managing Editor is Rolf Miller   rolfmiller@aol.com
Senior Editor and Publisher is Dale Sidebottom   luckykds@iglou.com 

   In addition to brief reports of local activities and information
provided by member Groups, the intent is to present material in every issue
of the Digest which addresses the interest base of all its readers.  The goal
is to inform the broadest possible range of users in order to enhance all
aspects of Commodore use.

   To this end, the Digest is arranging for articles from the entire
spectrum of Commodore enthusiasts.  The plan includes titles which focus on
The Leading Edge, highlighting those endeavors that are expanding the
horizons of the 64 and 128.  Also scheduled are articles looking at the
Trailing Edge, examining the ways and means of accomplishing what is needed
today with Commodore systems.  And there will be essays about how Commodores
are actually used, whether it be leading edge, trailing edge, or the broad
landscape in between.


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