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Date: 2002-10-23 22:18:29

Bryan has 

On 23-Oct-02, Mikael Holm wrote:

>And as my final question... There are four jacks on the back of the
>monitor. A nine pin male and three female RCA's. The nine pine one must be
>for RGB from the C128, and the RCA with a little music note beside is for
>audio. But there are two RCAs labelled Chroma, what's the difference of
>theese two? One works with the Video out from my C64 and 128 but the other
>doesn't seem to do anything...

Bryan has pretty much covered  the topic - I have never seen a 1901
probably because it is PAL - but having said that some of the 1902
(NTSC) version of that have a switch on the back next to that DB9
Male connector that says RGM Mode and below that is labeled
                     digital analog
                         _|_   |
                        |   |  |
                       pos neg |
These work with the Amiga video as well as the C128 and COLT RGBI
-- Ray

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