Re: SMT mounting question

From: John (
Date: 2002-10-16 10:53:37

David Wood writes:

>Next step: getting the traces out of that point array. :) I guess I'll have
>to have a test board or two made.. that's gonna hit my pocket hard I'm sure.
>:)  Does anyone know of prototyping PCBs with bga mount pads?

The first hit on a quick google was, who
offer BGA sockets.  I suspect the prices would be rather scary.

If you can buy an adaptor, or design your own, there's bound to be an
assembly company nearby who will probably be happy to do a small run 
for you.  They'll have the right equipment.  It'll be cheaper than you
might think.

Even if you do try mounting it yourself, the PCB must have a solder mask.
Don't attempt a homebrew PCB.


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