RE: Pascal compiler (was: Layout floating point numbers)
Date: 2002-10-09 12:56:54

Hallo Ullrich,

> and you will easily see, that your heap stuff will make
> many programs larger, not smaller. Not to talk about the
> slowdown that is a consequence of all the additional code...

It was IMO obvious that this construction would make a program larger. But
my intention is to pinpoint these kind of things in subroutines. When using
heapreallocation, I will add subroutine A to the binary, otherwise B. 
Using your own example the extra size is 12 bytes. I can live with that. The
number of times I have to call the subroutine will be the real impact on the

> My suggestion is: Forget about all of this. ....

This advice has been given to many programmers, inventors etc. Of those who
didn't listen only some succeeded against all odds. I hope to be one of
those some :)

But one important reason is that I already learned things about using Pascal
in other ways (hardly used pointers before). 

> > Would you mind explaining what this is?
> ...
> Don't generate code directly when parsing expressions. 

This I already had in mind by generating (pseudo-) assembly.

> Generate an expression tree in memory instead. ....

I have no idea at all at this moment how I can optimise code. But at this
moment I even cannot generate code, so this has to wait until I can :)

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