RE: Pascal compiler (was: Layout floating point numbers)
Date: 2002-10-07 16:01:41

Hallo Ulrich,

> I don't understand what you mean with "gap".

One or more free block in a row.

> Programs may allocate arbitrary sized blocks from the heap. 
> Allocated blocks may be freed later. .......

Exactly what I had in mind in the first place. 

Then this question: what is against moving used blocks to fill up the free
blocks? The only reason I see is that it will cost time. But I could handle
this problem telling the compiler to discard this feature or to execute this
feature only when memory is needed and not enough successive free blocks are

> So I would say you have to choose between a good compiler and 
> one running on a 6502 machine.

Mine is intend to run on a PC in the first place anyway so I choose for a
good compiler in the first place. And a good compiler will eat memory. So to
be very honest, I have my doubts if it will run on low-memory machines at
all. And I wonder if it is worth to put a lot of effort in making it run on
one. But I would be happy if it can run on my 720.

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