RE: Pascal compiler (was: Layout floating point numbers)
Date: 2002-10-07 12:35:16

Hallo Ulrich,

> cc65 has a complete malloc/free/realloc/...

May I inform how CC65 handles the heap? The Idea I have is simple (at least
that is what I think). The heap starts after the global variables unless the
user tells something different. The first pointer pointer [1] points to the
end of the reserved field + 1, the second one to the first pointer of the
next field. If all reserved fields are successive, these two pointers are
the same. If not, there is a gap that can be used.

I even have been thinking about eliminating those gaps as well. Using
new/malloc means that the address is unknown at the moment of creation thus
an indirect call is needed ie. the program first has to look for the vector
that points to the right field. The moment dispose/free creates a gap, the
rest of the fields is moved. The only thing that has to be done now is
updating that pointer. If this idea works, I even don't need the pointers
mentioned above at [1] as the vector will do.
OK, I need to reserve some space for storing the vectors but I thought about
reserving only 16/32 bytes: 7 for the successive pointers [2], one pointer
to next 16/32 bytes field.

[2] the size of a pointer is normally 2 bytes but 4 bytes for 64+ KB
systems. This includes the C64!

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