Re: Layout floating point numbers

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2002-10-07 10:06:01

> > C does not have this problem, because it does not have the possibility
> > to define functions in function scopes. Only applies to Pascal..
> Yes, I know. Weren't we talking about a pascal compiler?

I wasn't certain, so I toned down my assertion appropriately :-)

> > I have written a Pascal compiler for SPARC (single-pass code generation,
> > dual-pass assembly compilation) 
> How about porting this one to the 6502?

I can provide the source code, but I don't have the time. It should
be a good starting point to someone though.

The code generates the control structures and expressions as it parses
them, so that you should get something working quite soon, however,
after that at least expressions should be first parsed as structures
into memory and then generated to allow constant expression evaluation.

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