Re: Software 6502-on-6502

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2002-10-07 00:21:10

> > In between cranking more speed out of Nether G2's core renderer (10fps!
> > wahoo!), I finally threw together some ideas that had been floating through
> > my head about a software 6502-on-6502 emulator (i.e., an emulator in 6502

> indeed an intriguing project :-)

Gratzi. It's about 75% done now. I'm thinking about writing a KIM-1 emulator
with it as proof of concept (and also as a good test that it functions
properly). The odd thing was how surprisingly easy it has been to write.

> Outside the 6502 something like this exists - my selfbuilt 6502 machine
> has an MMU with virtual memory as far as a 6502 is capable of it. And
> IIRC I have a modified VICE version on my 6502 pages that emulates
> exactly this machine. Of course putting this into a 6502 itself
> is of course much more interesting :-)

How does your machine accomplish this?

Also, I have some questions about xcbm which I can discuss with you over
private mail, but a.fachat(atsigngoeshere) didn't seem to work last
time I tried it. Is that the right address?

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