Re: Differences between 3032and 3032B ROMs?

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2002-10-06 19:07:41

The business units start up in lowercase.

The number symbols and punctuation on the main keyboard row shift to
what you normally get on a Commodore 64, so there are some graphic
symbols you cannot type  (you have to get creative to get them in your
listings without using chr$()).

There is added a REPEAT key, and a TAB key (so I assume the editor may
be modified with tab stops) On the 8000 there is also an ESC key but not
on the 2000/3000B series.

Even though I have a B series, I really haven't used it much as I prefer
the N keyboards more...


Ethan Dicks wrote:
> In my ongoing debugging of Zork for the PET, I observed some
> interesting behavior: selecting 3032B vs 3032 (graphic keyboard)
> in VICE made a difference in, apparently, positioning the cursor for
> the initial prompt and the status line.  It suggests to me that
> the zero page usage is different between the two keyboard layouts.
> I didn't think that was so.
> My question is, can any one shed some light on the basic sorts
> of differences between the editor ROMs for a graphic keyboard
> and a business keyboard?  Before this experience, I was thinking
> that only the keycode table was different.
> Yes, I plan to go through the ROMs with a fine-toothed comb.  I'm
> interested in any tips to help me narrow the search.
> -ethan
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