Ang: Re: Vic 20 RF Modulator

From: Mikael Holm (
Date: 2002-10-03 14:15:44


Just another "dumb" question, I really do not know anything about this
stuff... :-)

Is there any differences in the RF-modulators that built and used in the
USA as opposed to those built and used in Europe? You know the old PAL/NTSC

// Mikael - don't know much but I'm learning by the minute...

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 07:58:23PM +0200, Christer Palm wrote:
> With a bit of soldering you can, of course, also use any suitable RF
> modulator as a replacement.

But where can you find such modulators?  Not all modulators operate on
a composite video signal.  I have the opposite problem, trying to get
composite video output (or S-video for that matter) from an Atari VCS 2600.

Another idea: if you want a Commodore to Scart cable but don't want to
solder, get one of those cheap RCA (or RCA/Mini-DIN) to Scart adapters and
a DIN to 4 RCA plugs cable.  (Or a DIN to 2 RCA plugs cable, in which case
you probably will have to reroute one of the wires going to the DIN plug.)


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