Re: CIA and (fast) Serial Transfer.

From: Michael Huth (
Date: 2002-10-03 10:45:17

At 20:21 02.10.2002 +0200, you wrote:
>>Are the bit errors some chip bug?
>How did you connect the two CIAs? Just a direct connection without any 
>active hardware in there? Since the CNT and SP outputs have open collector 
>drivers, the L to H rise time is extremely slow, typically in the range of 
>one microsecond. Since the switching point is not clearly defined on the 
>voltage scale, it could happen that the CNT transition is detected when 
>the SP signal didn't become stable yet. You can improve this by adding a 
>LS14 Schmitt trigger gate before the inputs of each CIA, and inverting the 
>output with a 7406. Just have a look into the 1571 schematics, it is done 
>exactly this way in them!

I am not really the man for the hardware, I do mainly the software. I 
uploaded the Layout to

I guess it is done the way you described above.

I'm just wondering if it is possible to get a stable transfer with TA = 
$0001 with a 1Mhz CIA ?!?

Regarding the cable Benjamin (the hardware guy) wrote, the runtime delay of 
the driver ICs are about 2-10ns , the signal runtime on the cable is 2ns, 
while half a CNT period is 2µs. The reflections and runtime delay is 

@Marko: I will try the IN/OUT Flag trigger for shift register reset as soon 
as I get access to the hardware again )


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