Re: VICE debugger
Date: 2002-10-02 17:50:37

On Tue, 01 Oct 2002 12:47:12 -0700 Spiro Trikaliotis <> wrote:

>This rises the question: What would you (anyone) like to see in
>the VICE debugger?

A little while ago I had a good answer to this as I was coding, however I've forgotten :)
So off the top of my head, access to the state of the I/O registers, what was last written to write only, a decoded listing of the various features, like the vic base address, where the sprites are pointing, etc.  also very useful is time capture: keep a list of changes to a location and the time it changed for a given start stop time (or just hit start and stop).  This does so many things, like give you a list of raster lines triggered, save side music, save digi's, and so on.. of course it would slow down the emulatorion.  Then we could write converters to standard digi-format and so on, and relly examine how things are being setup and moved around in memory.  The viewers authors could add all the cool stuff and eventually migrate it into the emulator itself.

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