Re: CIA and (fast) Serial Transfer.

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Date: 2002-10-02 15:51:30

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> Hello,
> a friend and I built some interface for c64 / c128 to connect it to
> external hardware.

What kind of cable do you use ?

[Transferring Bytes via SDR]
> The strange thing is, the number of bits transferred is always
> right.

I think there is no way of reading the number
of transferred bits, only a flag is set after
8 bits are received.
If the last bit needs one hour to be transmitted,
the cia does not care.

I tried to solve this Problem by using Watchdogs.

I always assumed, that the sending cia does send
all bits, no matter what happens..

> How do I re-align the shift registers to the byte-borders ?

I think, setting the SDR-Direction to output,
then back to input, resets the bit-counter.

> I found no docu that describes this case.
> The two (untested) ideas I have is
> -toggling the SDR in/output flag in CRA.
> -reading SDR of receiver after x<8 bits are shifted in

I did also have Problems with transferring Bytes,
and i think toggling in/out helps.

Some of my attempts can be found at ,
then to ringnetwork.

Have Fun,
Andre Kaesmacher

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