Re: New-old-stock computers

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2002-10-02 08:28:43

Matt Boland asked (from an unverified email address):

> Drool, drool. How much for a brand new Commodore 64 ?

I would expect him to ask for approx $400 for a brand new Commodore 64.
The thing was, as he didn't do much to keep the computer business running,
he had no reason to drop his prices from the 1983 level when he started.

> Is he selling them ? Do you know what other stuff he's got ?

Not sure. I tried to locate this engineer with his small computer business
on the side last year, but was unable to find where he lives. Possibly he
has got rid of his rather large stock of computers - he once collected one
of each CBM 8-bit he had sold.

I've told MagerValp the address and phone number, and I might try to get
in touch with the man myself too. I'm very certain he won't ship overseas

Anders Carlsson

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