Re: Vic Rabbit

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2002-10-01 05:49:24

Progress on the old 2001N - It seems that both tape drives work
with a variety of tapes on the internal (#2) port, but neither
works on the external port.  From perusing the schematics, the
guilty part(y) would seem to be a PIA - TAPE #1 READ goes right
into it, while TAPE #2 READ goes to the VIA.

I'm using a new 68B21.  I have already replaced the socket with a
machined-pin one.  Using a logic probe, I can see tape data at the
edge connector _and_ on the right pin on the PIA.  Seeing as the
rest of the machine seems to work perfectly, I somehow have a bad
input on a new chip.  :-(

As to the recent comment about no confirmation on substituting 6821s
for 6520s, I was planning on reporting that things worked once I
proved to _myself_ that things worked.  So far, I'm not up to 100%,
so I've been waiting for my own confirmation.  Glad to hear someone
else has tried it and it worked.

I have captured the Rabbit application from my original tape (at $7800)
and from ROM (at $B800).  Once I dump the 2031 floppy, I can put them
up on funet (along with MicroMon, Basic-Aid and a BASIC Toolkit) if
that's the appropriate thing to do.


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