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Date: 2002-09-17 22:03:58

On 17-Sep-02, Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
>Hej allihop!

>As of today I am the proud owner of a Plus4 and 1551 disk drive. Unforunately
>the computer came without a PSU. 

>So I was thinking of using a C64 PSU. I'll take the square plug from an old
>Amiga 600 PSU and attach that to the C64 PSU cable. As you all know by now,
>I'm an idiot when it comes to electronics. Using my multimeter I've managed
>figure out which leads provide the 9V AC (brown & yellow), but how do I know
>which is ground and which is +5V? When I connect the red probe to the white
>lead and the black probe to the green lead, I get a +5V readout. If I switch
>them around, I get -5V. Please help me out!
1st the A 600 has 5 pins in it you need 4 pins for the +/4.  I am sure that
the pins are not in the same exact placement.

Your White lead has the +5V and green is ground return.  

The +/4 power connector is pin-ed out notch at top pins 3 and 4 either side of
the notch are the 10.6 VAC (9VAC nominal) Pin 2 is ground and Pin one (bottom
right on the pins as you face the power supply cable -bottom left facing the
+/4 case).  You can double check that the lower left pin has continuity to the
power switch near in through the Filter Choke L1.  
(Reference SAMS schematics)


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