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Date: 2002-09-17 16:57:04

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> > Do you expect it to be different from a normal VIC-20?
> I sent Dimitri a video cable that functions well on my VIC-20. He didn't
> a picture. Either the 1001 is dead or the pinout is different. FYI: the
> motherboard is completely different from the VIC-20 ones I know. Could be
> the case with the pinouts as well.
Hello, Ruud-

From what I understand, the Japanese use NTSC as their TV system. So, it
would make sense if the VIC-1001 would not work on PAL TV's or at least
output in B&W. Was the VIC-1001 plugged directly into a PAL outlet? If so,
it could get damaged or the user would have to somehow compensate for the
voltage/frequency differences.

-Todd Elliott

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