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> Richard Atkinson wrote:
> > I have tracked down the author of the SFX Sound Expander design. Here's an
> > email she wrote about the history of the SFX series products.
> She didn't say anything about the secret Sister H., did she?

Here's a little more detail from the author of the Philips MSX Music
Module ROM.

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 I wrote the applications for the MSX module, a long time ago I had just
left university. It was my first real job after writing (unsucessful) computer
games for a while.

 The commoodore module software was written by a copule of guys called Mark
Palmer and Chris Maciejewski. Hedgehogs was a common joke in the office those

Chris's mail is <email address>

Not sure about Mark's but his brothers mail is <email address>


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Lyndsay Williams gave me your address. I'm doing some research into the
Commodore SFX Sound Expander and the Philips Music Module, both designed
by Richard Watts Associates, and I'm wondering who designed the software
for these units.

The Commodore unit has no built-in ROM but two applications are available
for it on disk. Some years ago a German colleague and I found a hidden
program (Easter Egg) on one of the disks, referring to "Sister H" and
"Hedgehogs". See

The Philips unit has a built-in 32K ROM which makes good use of the more
advanced capabilities of that device - namely MIDI and sound sampling.

Do you know who was involved in designing either of these utilities?

Many thanks,

Richard Atkinson

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