Re: reverse DNS

From: Christopher A Bongaarts (
Date: 2002-09-11 18:05:02

As Bo Zimmerman once put it so eloquently:

> I am also unable to send mail to you.  I have two mail servers at my
> disposal (, and, and given these criteria you mention,
> I can already say that neither will work.  If this plans to be the policy
> for the forseeable future, I guess those of us with unsuitable SMTP servers
> will have to get Yahoo or some other free mail to talk to you, right?

More and more sites are switching to this policy due to the inability
to cope with the deluge of spam (including ours by the end of the
month, though our mechanism has the flexibility to allow for
exceptions if need be).  Complain loudly and repeatedly to your
service provider so they know they are hurting (and will eventually
drive away) their customers...

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