BASIC4 in a static RAM PET?

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Date: 2002-09-01 13:31:57

After my PETRAM expansion works as expected, I started to burn some ROM images
from Funet onto EPROMs and test them in my 2001. The three ROM sets that are
meant for this machine work fine (BASIC 1.0, BASIC 1.0 with bugfix and BASIC
2.0), but the BASIC 4.0 for non-CRTC machines (edit-4-n.901447-29.bin) does
not work (garbled screen, datasette motor runs continuously). I also tested
this ROM on VICE, and it also did not work (xpet doesn't even start). So I
took the editor ROM from VICE and put it into an EPROM, and this one actually
worked on my 2001, though with some strange behaviour. This might be due to
the fact that the editor I used matches the file
edit-4-40-n-50Hz.901498-01.bin from Funet, so it's a 50Hz CRTC editor, not the
60Hz non-CRTC that I actually need.

I wonder if there is something in the non-CRTC editor ROM, which is probably
made for dynamic RAM PETs, that makes it crash completely on static RAM PETs.
After seeing that the CRTC version runs to some extent, I can't believe this.
Maybe there is some incompatibility between the non-CRTC editor and the 4.0
BASIC and KERNAL files? Any ideas? 


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