RE: Vet for a PET

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2002-08-31 10:32:03

Hello Mr. Levak!

I swapped the 6520s to no avail.  I saw nothing overly strange about the
user port:  no strange wires or anything.   I also confirmed the integrety
of zero page memory by putting some values in through the ML monitor.
Everything looks OK down there.

It's really strange.  That READY prompt appears whenever I try to "x" out of
the monitor, the same as it does at power up.  However, I still have that
shortened screen at the top, and ANY entries drop to the monitor.

Perhaps my spare KERNAL or BASIC ROMs were just as bad as the originals...
I'll have to read those in.

Do yall have any other ideas?  I'm pretty clueless, but have learned
something just from your suggestions!

- Bo

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> Check that there is not a jumper on the user port.  Pin 5 is the diag
> jumper which puts you in the ML monitor.  The 6520 that this line goes to
> may also be defective.
> Check also the first 1K of memory.  The screen editor parameters are
> stored there.

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