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Date: 2002-08-30 09:00:55

Hallo Ruud,

> One curious question: why didn't you wire pin 7 as well? I always use an
> Hercules-monitor as monitor when repairing CBM's or PET'S. And the
> monochrome/graphic signal is on pin 7.

Good question. I guess the answer is that I don't have any Hercules monitor
anymore, and the C128 ouputs a monochrome composite signal on that pin. I
didn't want to create such a signal, but if it's just a matter of routing the
digital signal to pin 7, I can do it of course.

> > PS: For those who wonder: I also finished building the DIY
> > GALblast programmer and it seems to work.
> Is this a selfbuild project including software (and maybe even sources)? If
> so, I'm interested as I have quite some GALs laying around.

Yes, the project's homepage is at
I don't know if the address is still valid, but Google should find it for you
then. I have a local copy if that fails.

> > but all the 16V8's I had lying around had no PES in them,
> PES ??? I know you can protect GALs so you cannot read theit programming
> structure. But PES doesn't sound a bell.

The programmer electronic signature. It contains info on how to program the
GAL, including the programming voltage. Without it, I'd have to guess all
those parameters. Normally it is still readable when the GAL is protected, but
it can be erased on purpose as well. 

> > I will not try to read the GAL of the C128-Z80
> > accelerator with it.
> A project I missed ???

It's not exactly a project. I posted a while ago that I got a Rossmöller 8MHz
Z80 accellerator module for the C128, and it uses a GAL for the clock circuit.
Of course I'd like to reverse engineer that thing.


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