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Date: 2002-08-30 01:53:22

Hi everybody,

some may remember that I announced some projects in the past. I finished one
of them recently, and also documented another one that is in the works now. 

The one I finished is the PET Video Adaptor, a small board that converts the
video signals from the Userport to a standard DSUB-9 socket for old digital
RGB monitors. This is a version with buffers and inverters, so it actually
gives a good picture. I have an older quick-and-dirty version with wires only
that is just good enough to see if there is video output or not.

Another one is almost finished, it just needs some more debugging done. It's
the PETRAM, a board that goes into the 6502 socket of 4k to 32k PETs and CBMs
(probably not expanded machines like 8096 and 8296) and replaces or expands
the onboard RAM/ROM with 32kB SRAM and 128kB FlashROM. Especially useful for
old 6540/6550 machines to get them running again and put the original chips
into a safe place.

As a companion to the PETRAM, I have the 6540 and 6550 replacement adaptors
for the PET2001 video circuit. They're very much simplified and will not work
to replace system RAMs and ROMs. I just made the PCB layouts and they are
completely untested, so beware. Previews are available at the following
address, together with documentation for the other projects:


PS: For those who wonder: I also finished building the DIY GALblast programmer
and it seems to work. I could write and verify a 20V8 GAL, but all the 16V8's
I had lying around had no PES in them, so I couldn't try them. I'm now waiting
for factory new chips to arrive. Before I verified the correct operation of
the device with them, I will not try to read the GAL of the C128-Z80
accelerator with it.

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