FW: R6501Q

Date: 2002-08-22 10:25:48

Hallo allemaal,

I just received this email. I knew that the messages were archived but
didn't realize that this was including the complete email-address. This is a
clear invitation for spambots of course. Can the addresses be removed,

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Subject: R6501Q

Hi, i had found this post by google, because i'm looking for R6501Q
Can you send me the file .PDF ? 
Thank you 

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Hallo Peja, 
> Can anyone help me find datasheet for Rockwell's R6201Q R1702-12 
> mikroporcessor? 
Don't you mean the R6501Q ? 64-pins IC with pins in ZIP-format at each side
of the IC. 
If so, I have them available as a PDF right now. But be aware, 1.2 MB 

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