RE: SSv4 Upgrade?
Date: 2002-08-15 06:41:11

Hi Adrian,

Speaking off the top of my head, I recall it possible to do a v4 to v5
upgrade, but don't remember how I think that.... perhaps the source of VICE
can help clarify the issue.

- Nick

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Subject: SSv4 Upgrade?

Anyone know if it's possible to upgrade a Super Snapshot v4 to v5?  I know
v5 has a bigger EPROM, which probably isn't a problem.  I think they have
the same amount of RAM.  I have both a v5 and a v4 and wanted to know if
anybody has looked into this before opening them up and taking a look.

While I'm at it, is there a program that can dump the EPROM from the SSv5?
All the images I've found on the net are from the PAL version and I'd like
to dump my NTSC cart.



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