Searching for Bit Machinator program...

From: Petri Andras (
Date: 2002-07-17 12:50:15

Dear C64 Hackers,

is there anyone among you familiar with C64 packet radio systems?

There is a program, called "Bit Machinator", which was (is?) widely used
for transferring binary files to/from packet radio BBS's with a C64; it
does some 8-bit <=> 7-bit ASCII conversion.

I would like to get a runnable version, as I've found a heap of ASCII
files (apparently the archive of such a BBS) and I'd like to try some of
the programs. Bit Machinator itself is also in the collection... but of
course it is encoded with Bit Machinator :-(

So if anyone could send me a .D64/.T64/.PRG/something, I'd be eternally

Best wishes

Andras Petri

P.S.: I could locate the homepage of the author of Bit Machinator, but it
was not updated in the last 5 years and the e-mail address given there
seems invalid.

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