Re: Dumping PET characters on a VIC-20

From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 2002-07-14 21:01:52

Daniele Gratteri, 2002-05-21:

> Yes, that is correct, the CHAR ROM is the one closest to the VIC chip. The
> first on the left of the 6502 is the KERNAL, the other one is the BASIC.

The char ROM in the VIC is not socketed, so no luck there.

I just checked the other ROMs I dumped earlier, and found that they are
identical to the versions that are already on FUNET. I also suspect
that the chargen is identical to the one there as well (901447-14).

Can I stick it in one of my VIC cartridges (Handic/Datatronic made) and
read it out that way, perhaps? The EPROM seems to fit the socket.

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