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From: Mathias Roslund (
Date: 2002-07-08 20:02:43


> Anyone familiar with the Catweasel for PC? 

Yep, somewhat atleast :) I've got one in my PC (Athlon 1.2GHz).

> Tried the card in two different systems, both same errors. The last one
> was a 486DX2-66 with 16 MB RAM, MGP-card, IDE-HD, RS232- and LPT-port. No
> soundcard or other fancy stuff. Added a 5,25" 360 KB drive for the
> catweasel-card.
> First CATINFO kept on saying that the speed of the drive was unknown. Then
> I edited CATPARAM.TXT by that the rotation time of the first (and only)
> drive was 166 ms. Then Catinfo said the speed was 200 ms/ 300 RPM.
> Using a 1541-floppy, CATDIR says (in German) "Media has been changed" all
> the time.
> Am I missing something? Any comment/advice is welcome.

All 360KB drives (i.e. DD drives) are 300 RPM ones. The 1541 on the other
hand uses 360RPM (like 5.25" HD drives).

I first tried a whole bunch of old 360KB DD drives until I noticed they were
300RPM ones. After getting a 360RPM 5.25" HD drive, I can read 1541 disks
without a problem. CATINFO will say that the drivespeed is unknown until
you've insterted a 5.25" disk and tried to read it, atleast that's the way
it behaves here.

Best regards,

Mathias Roslund

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