Re: 82s100

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-06-22 14:19:40

Professor Dredd wrote:
> When I saw the guy say he could make a replacement for 82s100 I thought
> it sounded like a good idea. Not knowing how to make such an IC, I
> wonder what would be required to configure the (hypothetical) new
> device for use on C-64 and other CBMs.

One could build a small adapter board that holds a modern surface 
mounted programmable logic chip (and its boot EEPROM if the chip needs 
one).  Any chip that features at least 16 inputs and 8 outputs (or e.g. 
24 programmable I/O pins) will do the job.  But I think that the cost 
will be higher than that of a C64 PLA (or a broken C64 that has a 
working PLA).  The replacement does make sense for rarer machines, such 
as the PET product line or the 264 series.


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