From: Professor Dredd (profdredd_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2002-06-22 09:13:04

Isn't this the same PLA as in the C-64?

Richard Dungan <postmaster@> wrote in message
> All,
> Forgive this intrusion into your group.
> As part of another project, I have designed a small module which
> emulates the functionality of the Signetics 82S100 FPLAs used on
> Commodore PCB assy no. 324645. I believe this to be the same as the
> mainboard on the Commodore 64.
> Although I have yet to complete final testing, basically I should be
> able to provide a small module which, according to how it is
> will replace UE5 or UE6.
> They should have the additional advantage of putting less load on the
> Commodore power supply.
> As I said, this is a spin-off from another project, so I'm not
> if there is no interest, but there it is...
> Regards
> Richard
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> Radix Electronic Designs, Orpington, UK
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