Re: Mikro Assembler Manual etext

From: Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela_at_HUT.FI)
Date: 2002-06-17 10:02:01

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Niklas Ramsberg wrote:

> I've finished OCRing and touching up the Mikro Assembler manual. Before 
> I hand it over to Marko for the Funet archive, I'd really appreciate if 
> someone proofread it against the scans already posted on Funet.
> Anyone? It's only 23 short pages. :)

Hmm, maybe I could proofread it during my flight to Adelaide.  I'm leaving
tonight and arriving at Wednesday morning local time.

> The PEEKs reported:
>  1           4
>  3           4
> What does that mean?

I should have thought a bit more thorougly.  The start address of BASIC
programs is $401, and the current BASIC program (none) ends at $403.
?PEEK(52),PEEK(53) would have reported the end address of the area
reserved for BASIC programs.


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