RE: 1541 drive from 117V to 220V

From: Ray Bryan (
Date: 2002-06-13 01:35:29

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002, at 07:59 PM, Daniele Gratteri wrote:

> I have compared the 117V power supply and the 220V one from another drive
> and I noticed that, on the 220V one, the FUSE is connected to a red and to
> a
> black piece of cable and that a black cable is free. Instead, on the 117V
> unit the FUSE is connected to two black cables from the PSU and the "free"
> one is red.
> So, if I exchange the cables connected to the FUSE holder, can I
> successfully convert a 117V unit to 220V? If yes, should I change the 500mA
> fuse with a 250mA fuse like an European drive?
> Or a drive modified in such a way will definately be like a bomb? ;-)
> P.S. the PSU P/N is the same but the 117V one ends with "-02C" and the 220V
> with "-03C".

I would not bet money on it; I _would_ bet on the transformer being different for 
the 'states 117 60Hz power than that on the 220 v 50Hz! (Big heavy thing under the
pc board in back)


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