Re: VIC-20 video memory size

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2002-06-12 12:30:21

> But it still works as any other 3K expansion as well, so you don't
> really lose anything.

Except that if you forget that, some of your software may not work
on some machines, like the first only-emulator-tested demos of
Aleksi Eeben: VIC-I really sees the ROM/unavailable and not the RAM
[Ah, that's another xvic feature in addition that it corrupts
 its own or the emulated machine's memory if you run some parts
 long enough..]

> Isn't the 5K limit what keeps Pasi from using larger FLI pics in VIMM?

Mostly that. Ah, now you made me think about increasing the size of
the picture. It needs some work to write around the interrupt vectors
and part of the stack, but its doable. However, 100(w)x176(h) instead
of 100(w)x160(h) may not be worth the effort. Or I could change the
picture aspect ratio and have 84(w)x224(h). Multiply the width by 3
to get figures for approximately square pixels.

And in case some people on the list haven't noticed yet:

PAL version for unexpanded VIC20 - Supports 1540/41,1570/71,1581 
Copyright  2002 Pasi Ojala, Anders Carlsson - Jun 9th 2002

Does the 'same' in the unexpanded machine as VIMM did with 16kB of
expansion memory. Screen captures and source code included, and some
words about how I fit everything into 5.5kB (color memory included).

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