RE: C128 diagnostic test cartridge
Date: 2002-06-10 10:40:57

Hi Nicolas,

>It looks like it just maps in as an external ROM at $8000, but it might be
>possible that it also runs from the internal ROM socket. Just connect the
>EPROM to the data and address lines, connect the EPROM's /CS to /ROML and
>leave /GAME and /EXROM alone. That should do. The Commodore REUs offer such
>socket, but it's also easy to make from any C64 EPROM cartridge (connect
>extra address line and open /GAME and /EXROM).

Thanks for the information. Might try the EPROM in my 1750REU (will have to
put a socket in first) or a cart as you say.

>but then fails
>with the ROM test. I'd have to install a US ROM into a PAL >machine to see
>that works ...
>So the ROM is nice, but it had to be changed to do the following things: 
>- accept all ROM versions
>- proceed when a test fails

These are important considerations. Every one of the C64 ROM checkers flag
an error if a non-standard ROM is used (eg JiffyDOS), but pathching to
allowing the program to proceed would overcome this as I don't know that you
can fully validate every ROM every made for the C64/128 - maybe just the



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