Long board white VC-1541: Happy ending

From: Niklas Ramsberg (niklas.ramsberg_at_swipnet.se)
Date: 2002-06-08 12:17:45

ruud.baltissen@abp.nl wrote on 2002-06-06 10:39:17:

>I'm for 95% sure as I encountered this problem many times enough to 
be sure
>about that. And until now I never encountered a 1541 with this 
>problem where a brooken 6522 was to blaim.

Well, you have now, sort of, as you will see shortly. ;)

This is a tale that teaches us to try the easy solutions first, and 
then go for the hard parts. At least it taught me that. You guys 
probably already knew it.
I bought a 74LS14 chip and a socket, slaved away for 2.5h unsoldering 
the old one, soldering in the socket and finally putting the new chip 
in the socket ( it took that long because I've never done this 
before). Still the same problem: SEARCHING FOR ... and nothing 
Maybe it is the 6522 after all? So I take it out and put it in one of 
my VIC-20s. Works perfectly. Conclusion: something must be terribly 
wrong with the drive (broken traces on the PCB? Who knows?).
More frustration.
Put the 6522 back in the drive. Ever being the optimist, I decide to 
try the drive once more before giving up. I plug it in, insert a 
disk, do a LOAD "$",8 and lo and behold, it works!
Seems the only thing needed was to re-insert the 6522 chip (oxidized 
(is that the right word?) pins?).

Anyway, thanks for trying to help me :)
Along the way, I finally got a working white VC-1541, and I learned 
how to replace a soldered-in chip with a socket. That can't be a bad 

/Niklas Ramsberg

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