Re: More on Commodore Modems

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2002-06-03 06:38:55

>In addition to the model number, the 1660 and 1670 modems have a part
>number on the bottom right of the label on the back.  In addition the 1660
>modems have a name on the circuit board.
>The 1600 modem (VicModem) appears to be a 600 baud modem, but mine 
>isn't working, so
>I can't verify that.

The 1600 was only 300 baud so far as I ever saw; the 1650 was 300 
baud and had many clones including the Total Telecom Modem and the 

>The later modems use 2 80C49 microprocessors and what looks like a ROM.
>Since these are custom parts, I have listed all the markings on the chips.
>It looks like these were made by US Robotics.  (A 80C49 is a 8 bit
>microprocessor with 128 bytes of RAM, 2K ROM, and 24 quasi bidirectional
>I/O lines).
>I don't have any information on the 1650 modem.  There may also be
>310476-03 and 310476-05 versions which I do not have.
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