Re: CBM 2031LP @ eBay

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2002-05-30 13:09:59 wrote:

> Then 12 bidders raised the price 23.50 Euro's within 3 minutes :)

2031 is on my eBay notification list, and I just copied the notification
I received some days ago.

> Untested. And the seller doesn't know where he is talking about if he thinks
> the device can store 1 MB. Probably mixing it up with the 1001. Bit to risky

Well, not for me :-). I hmmm 'decided' not to go for collecting more
stuff, thus there's no risk for me. (The only C= thing I'd currently
consider paying a lot of money is an European SX-64, if at all).

Anyway, if someone's going to purchase a 2031, it's still possible to
contact the seller and clear these questions with him. It's also easy to
decide whether the unit can boot up or not.


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