Re: DMA-line

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-05-22 12:16:31

groepaz wrote:
> and, ofcoz, the CP/M cartridge ..... oh and wasnt there some

Ruud already mentioned that one :-)

> chess-cart. (final chess cartridge? sth like that?) that had its own
> RAM and CPU ?

The Final Chess Card (from the makers of The Final Cartridge I-III) does use
a 65C02 (overclocked to 5 MHz), but that one runs in parallel to the 6510. A
common RAM area is used for communication between the chess CPU and the 6510.

The BTX Modul II works in a similar way, it uses a 6803 CPU/MCU that runs the
BTX stuff and communication is done via a special Motorola dual port RAM.


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