PET 3032 repair question

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-04-28 20:33:38

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    I'm forwarding your message to the cbm-hackers mailing list, which 
    reaches a number of PET hardware experts.  I cannot really help you 
    myself, since the only PETs I have are a 8032-SK (in a nice rounded 
    plastic case) and a normal 8032.  Yes, the PET is a very nice machine, 
    and a lot of interesting software has been made for it.  Being a 
    scientist, I was really fascinated when I sorted the files at 
    <URL:>.  Unfortunately I didn't find 
    anything for my field (theoretical computer science).
    It would help a little if you clarified what the screen looked like. 
    Did it display random garbage characters, or was it completely blank? 
    If it remains blank, can you see anything when turning the brightness 
    knob (behind the tube) to the maximum?
    [Francesco's message to me follows]
    Hi Marko,
    thanks a lot for your kind message and for the help you offered me in 
    going over some question concerned with an old Commodore 3032 I got from 
    a friend at the Rome University.
    Last week, knowing that someone was going to burn a lot of old machine, 
    I went to the Rome University and with a big surprise, I found the 
    Excited, coming back home I powered it but .. nothing appened
    (only the screen seem's to work). Of course I've cleaned the main board 
    as well as every connector (not more because I'm not an expert) but 
    without any improvement.
    I've spoken with the former owner (that left the machine working 
    something like 10 years ago) and he told me something about the 
    possibility that some electrolytic capacitors or some of the ROM could 
    be the cause of the problem. He told me that the machine has been 
    upgraded to 4032 too.
    Now, I'd like to do all I can to make the machine alive again. The
    Commodore is so beautiful (it seem's the control-console of the 
    Star-Track Enterprise) that I'd like to see it working again.
    Could you give me some advice (I could even ship the main board to
    someone paying of course for the shipping back too!).
    Thanks again for your kind message, best regards
                                                     Francesco Benedettini
    Francesco Benedettini
    Professor of Structural Mechanics
    DISAT University of L'Aquila
    67040 Monteluco di Roio, L'Aquila, Italy
    ph.     +39-0862-434513
    fax     +39-0862-434548
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