Wolfgang Lorenz's 6502 test suite

From: Christer Palm (palm_at_nogui.se)
Date: 2002-04-22 12:25:43

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    Hi all!
    When Wolfgang Lorenz's excellent 6502 (well, actually there's some 6526 
    stuff in there as well) test suite was mentioned earlier on, I recalled 
    having re-packaged it a few years ago in a form more suitable for play 
    on non-Commodore platforms (it was originally provided as a D64 image).
    In case anyone would find it useful I packed it up and put it online at
    Since it makes a few assumtions about the surrounding environment, I'd 
    also like to share a few notes on the "test bench" environment I hacked 
    up to be able to run it outside a C64:
       The testcase is started by loading " start" and starting the CPU.
       The load routine does the following:
         - Check the filename for "trap17" and exit if it is, since this is 
    where testing of non-6510 stuff begins
         - Read the starting address from the two first bytes of the file 
    (LO, HI)
         - Load the rest of the file into memory at the specified starting 
         - Initialize some memory locations:
             $0002 = $00
             $A002 = $00
             $A003 = $80
             $FFFE = $48
             $FFFF = $FF
             $01FE = $FF
             $01FF = $7F
         - Set up the KERNAL "IRQ handler" at $FF48:
             FF48  48        PHA
             FF49  8A        TXA
             FF4A  48        PHA
             FF4B  98        TYA
             FF4C  48        PHA
             FF4D  BA        TSX
             FF4E  BD 04 01  LDA    $0104,X
             FF51  29 10     AND    #$10
             FF53  F0 03     BEQ    $FF58
             FF55  6C 16 03  JMP    ($0316)
             FF58  6C 14 03  JMP    ($0314)
         - Put trap instructions at $FFD2, $E16F, $FFE4, $8000 and $A474
         - Set S to $FD, P to $04 and PC to $0801
    The trap handler does the following:
    if PC == $FFD2 (Print character):
         Set $030C = 0
         Print PETSCII character corresponding to value of A
         Pop return address from stack
         Set PC to return address
         Re-start the CPU
    if PC == $E16F (Load):
         $BB is PETSCII filename address, low byte
         $BC is PETSCII filename address, high byte
         $B7 is PETSCII filename lenght
         Load the file
         Pop return address from stack
         Set PC to $0816
         Re-start the CPU
    if PC == $FFE4 (Scan keyboard):
         Set A to 3
         Pop return address from stack
         Set PC to return address
         Re-start the CPU
    if PC == $8000:
    if PC == $A474:
    If you have any questions, direct them to me personally or to the 
    cbm-hackers list since I don't monitor the commodoreone list.
    Christer Palm
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